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Colorado Water Rights; Buy, Sell, or Rent


It has been said that water is Coloradoís most precious resource. In fact, itís probably the most important resource of the entire American West. Despite its importance to landowners and water consumers, water in Colorado is a public resource and its true ownership lies in the public domain. But the right to use surface and ground water in Colorado has many of the attributes of private ownership of real property. People and organizations in Colorado are allowed to buy, sell, and even rent water rights if the water will be put to beneficial use.


Our goal at Water Colorado is to help you understand the intricacies and legalities of buying and selling Colorado water rights and what owning those rights entails. As water brokers, we can assist you when buying, selling, or renting water rights that are most suitable for your needs. We hope this website will become a resource for you to learn more about water rights and water laws in Colorado and to provide services to help you buy, sell, or rent Colorado water rights. If you have any questions about water rights, please contact us at Water Colorado.