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When you want to sell water rights in Colorado—either with the land or alone—Water Colorado can help you value your water rights and coordinate your transaction with a buyer. If you would like to sell Colorado water rights or land, these listings describe specific water rights our clients are interested in purchasing. If you are looking to buy water rights, check out our Buy Water section for our client’s listings of water rights for sale.

The process of selling water rights can, at times, be very complex and confusing, but with Water Colorado at your side, we will do everything we can to make it a smooth experience. Contact Water Colorado if you would like to sell your Colorado water rights or if you desire to buy or rent them. We can help you maximize your investment and make your transaction run as smoothly as possible.


Water Basin: Description: Quantity: Price: Availability:
South PlatteC-BT Units (Colorado-Big Thompson)Any NegotiableWanted
South PlatteNorth Poudre Irrigation Company (NPIC)Any NegotiableWanted
South PlatteWater Supply & Storage Company (WSSC)Any NegotiableWanted
South PlatteJackson Ditch Any NegotiableWanted
South PlatteLake LovelandAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteConsolidated Home Supply Ditch & Reservoir Company (CHSD)AnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteEast Larimer County Water District (ELCO) tapsAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteHandy DitchAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteArthur Irrigation CompanyAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteNew Mercer Ditch CompanyAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlattePleasant Valley and Lake Canal CompanyAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteNorth Weld taps (North Weld County Water District)AnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteDivide Canal (Divide Canal & Reservoir Company)AnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteNew IshAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteSmith and Emmons DitchAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteHighland Ditch Company1/4 shareNegotiableWanted
South PlatteEvans Equivalent Residential Unit (EQR)135NegotiableWanted
South PlatteFRICO: Standley ReservoirAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteNew Cache La Poudre Irrigating CompanyAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteCache La Poudre Reservoir CompanyAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteWindsor Reservoir & Canal Company (WRCC)AnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteLarimer & Weld Irrigation CompanyAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteLarimer & Weld Reservoir Company (Terry Lake)AnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteDavidson Ditch & Reservoir Co.5NegotiableWanted
South PlatteMcGinn Ditch Company5NegotiableWanted
South PlatteGreeley Irrigation Company6NegotiableWanted
South PlatteLower Boulder Ditch Company (preferred)4NegotiableWanted
South PlatteGreeley-Loveland Irrigation Company1NegotiableWanted
South PlatteLarimer County Canallease for 2021 seasonNegotiableWanted
South PlatteBaseline ReservoirBuy or rentNegotiableWanted
South PlatteClear Creek1/3 afNegotiableWanted
South PlatteFulton Irrigation Ditch Co.64 a-fNegotiableWanted
South PlatteBurlington Ditch Reservoir and Land Company and Wellington Reservoir Company64 a-fNegotiableWanted
South PlatteFRICO: Barr64 a-fNegotiableWanted
South PlatteSouth Platte River leased for SWSP20 a-f for 2021NegotiableWanted
South PlatteCoal RidgeAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteLower BoulderAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteRural Ditch CompanyAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteLast Chance DitchAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteGodding Ditch (Highland South Side)AnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteLupton MeadowsAnyNegotiableWanted
South PlatteLupton BottomAnyNegotiableWanted



“I enjoyed working with Water Colorado and highly recommend them.  They got a good price for our C-BT shares and handled all aspects of the transaction efficiently and with A high level of professionalism”