Water Colorado: Selling San Juan and Dolores River Basin Water Rights


Water in southwest Colorado is available in the San Juan and Dolores River basins. If you are interested in selling water rights for the San Juan or Dolores Rivers or any of their included waterways, contact Water Colorado.


  • District 29 - San Juan River Basin

  • District 30 - Animas River Basin

  • District 31 - Los Pinos River Basin

  • District 32 - McElmo Creek Basin

  • District 33 - La Plata River Basin

  • District 34 - Mancos River Basin

  • District 46 - Navajo Reservoir

  • District 69 - Disappointment Creek Basin

  • District 71 - West Dolores Creek and Tributaries

  • District 77 - Navajo River Basin

  • District 78 - Piedra River Basin


Below are listings in these areas for potential buyers.




No Shares Currently Available. Check again at a later time.











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